An inbound call is one that a customer initiates to a call center or contact center. A help desk handles inbound calls as well, Customers will call into these types of call centers when they need assistance with the product or service they specialize in.

ACD –What Is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)?

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems distribute phone calls and other types of contacts to agents at a contact center. ACD is typically used when there are high volumes of calls that require advanced routing strategies to determine the most appropriate agent to handle each call.
Innicom’s ACD ability will find the best available agents whether they are located at one location or multiple remote locations.

IVR – What Is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

What does IVR stand for? Interactive Voice Response. (IVR) is a way to automate an interaction that takes place over the phone. Innicom allows customers to interact with the company via the voice channel. IVRs often serve two main functions:
• Improve the customer experience A primary function of the IVR is to route the caller to the correct queue. Billing queries go to the billing department, and sales calls go to the sales department, for example. With misrouted calls and transfers being a key indicator of customer dissatisfaction, getting to the right queue the first time is a key indicator of call quality.
• Service high call volume during periods of peak call volume, an IVR can be a useful tool. First, the IVR can offer self-service for some types of inquiries, reducing the agent load. Second, the IVR can give an estimated wait time to allow callers the option of a callback (virtual hold) or of IVR or web self-service. Third, the IVR can help to identify callers quickly, so that the agent already has the caller information when he does answer, thereby shortening the call length.

CTI – What Is Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)?

A computer telephony integration (CTI) application also referred to as a Screen Pop that automatically displays all of the relevant caller and account information on a call center agent’s screen during a call.
Consumers routinely complain about the time and effort required to have their questions answered or problems resolved when they interact with call centers. The result is higher efficiency and more effective customer support interactions. Quality service breeds quality service. When agents know their call center is committed to a higher level of customer service, their own performance tends to rise to the higher expectation. The result? Increased levels of customer retention and increased follow-on sales.
CTI is an integral part of the cloud contact center solution from Innicom. The Innicom CTI solution provides agents with customer data, purchase history, and information from previous interactions — all delivered instantly to the Innicom agent dashboard.