Manage Your Call Center More Effectively

* Dedicated direct calling user extensions

* Personal voicemails & Team voicemails

* Outbound calls – Manual, preview and predictive

* Inbound calls – Automated call distribution (ACD)

* Blended calls (inbound and outbound)

* Scheduled callbacks (manual & auto)

* 3-way conference and call transfers

* Interactive voice response (IVR) with campaign/queue

* Broadcast and Preview dialing

* Multi-lead list per campaign

* Campaign defined scripts

* Custom caller ID – campaign specific

* Custom call statuses and call dispositions

* Hotkeys for quick hangup and call dispositions

* Filter leads (dynamically exclude numbers from lists)

Local Presence Dialing

*Innicom gives sales reps the option to call a lead from local area codes as opposed to the company headquarters or an 800 number. Sales reps calling from the same or neighboring area codes see much higher answer rates.


* US FTC compliance

* Internal DNC & State Time Zone Regulation


Customer Support team is staffed 24/7 and acts as an extension of your business, dedicated to your continued success and growth.


* Protection against SIP brute force attacks

* Call encryption support via TLS

* Protection against HTTP DOS or brute force attacks

* Web application firewall

*Redundant servers and  backup systems mean minimal downtime and secure, quality voice communications.

Call Recording Storage

* Full call recordings or on-demand

* Option to store call recordings on your own FTP

Lead Management

* Upload and download of customer lists

* Leads filtering

* Leads recycle

* Internal DNC and blacklist

* Leads timezone restrictions

Supervisor Management

* Real-time Dashboard

* Listen-in, barge-in

* Force log-out

* Reports and analytics

Team Management

* Multi-group, multi-campaign assignments

* Skill-rating based agent priority routing

* Support remote and mobile workers

Additional Enhancements

* WebRTC for voice calling right inside your web browser

* Database backup and redundancy

* High-availability (HA) configuration

* Support multi-offices and BPO working

* API and web services based integrations (into CRM)